Official Schedule

+++ Full Schedule Below +++

the 6th annual
[ Nov. 8 – 10, 2013 ]
@ the A-Zone complex (91 Albert)

( unless otherwise marked )
Bookfair & workshops free;
Donations for Norman Nawrocki
:: volunteers still needed ::

FRIDAY, Nov. 8
[ 7 PM – 10 PM ]
: Junto Super Cabaret of Anarchist Talents @ Mondragon
Featuring: Norman Nawrocki / Music by Süss, David Sweatman, Scott Leroux, Osani & Kenneth. Ladybug the Rambler, and James / Poetry by Moneca / Shadow puppet performance by Adhere & Deny (The Andy Kaufman Action) / More by Freya and others // MCed by Aviva of Junto 91
// Admission by donation

[ 11 AM – 5 PM ]
: Tables
Featuring: Norman Nawrocki /IWW Winnipeg / Prairie Struggle / Fernwood Publishing / Kustom Kulture / Of Course You Can! Distro / New Socialist Collective

DIY Workshops:

// Capoeira (w/ Romeo)
Learn about the ancient Afro-Brazilian form used as a tool to liberate the practitioners from slavery. The ancient tradition and practice embodies the principles of a game, dance and fight.
[ 1 PM ] @ Rudolf Rocker

// Plumbing Basics (w/ Sid)
Learn how to replace faucets changing washers and cartridges, use PEX, glue ABS pipe, solder joints and do compression fittings.
[ 1 PM ] @ Canadian Dimension Office

// Privilege (w/ Graham)
An introductory discussion about the concept of privilege and how it relates to differences in class, race, gender and other identity characteristics, and why this is important to understand, especially as a member of a privileged group trying to be an ally to a marginalized group.
[ 1 PM ] @ Emma Goldman Center

// RAD-PoC 4ever! (w/ shimby)
Navigating alternative spaces in Winnipeg can often mean isolation for folks of color at events, in spaces or as part of collectives and a burden of representation can exist (intentionally or unintentionally). No matter how it manifests, it is almost always hella exhausting. This workshop will be an introduction to each other in an intentional space where folks can get a chance to share how they take care of themselves through these realities. The purpose of the workshop will be to celebrate our experiences and build community while sharing experiences with navigating spaces while being a person of color.
[ 1 PM ] @NaturalCycle

// Building Class Struggle on the Prairies (w/ I.W.W. & Prairie Struggle)
How do you end poverty and injustice? How do you stop war and oppression? How do you save the planet from destruction? How do you stop the assholes at the top trying to rob, imprison and kill you? Well, you’re not going to do it by yourself. You need a movement; a mass movement of people committed to revolutionary change.
[ 3 PM ] @ Rudolf Rocker

// Fermentation Sensation! (w/ Kandice & Dandy)
Learn the why?s and how?s of fermenting delicious probiotics! including a brief history and some healthy logic behind your favorite ferments. We will discuss and share ferment cultures of kombucha, non-dairy kefir, whey and sourdough starters, so bring your own container/jar.
[ 3 PM ] @ Canadian Dimension Office

// Support in Conflict: A DIY Primer (w/ Karen Ridd)
Cooperatives, collectives and communities are no strangers to conflict, nor to resolving them. Resolving conflicts in small communities does, though, bring particular challenges — when the “opponents” are also our friends and colleagues, how can we respond most effectively? This interactive workshop will cover some key conflict resolution tools and skills, and a model for being a helpful third party.
[ 3 PM ] @ Emma Goldman Center

[ 7 PM ]
: Norman Nawrocki Talk: Roma Workers’ Rights @ Mondragon

[ 8 PM ]: Norman Nawrocki Book+CD Launch: ‘Cazzarola!: Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy’ @ Rudolf Rocker
// Solo reading, theatre and musical performance // Donations collected for Norman’s tour costs

[ Evening ]: Dance Party @ Rudolf Rocker
// Featuring: Theo Tzu / Xpedite / Bastard / Chris Komus / Balance / Darchebag / Chris Beiko
// $5 or PWYC

SUNDAY, Nov. 10
[ 11 AM – 2 PM ]
: Brunch @ Mondragon
// $15 or PWYC

DIY Workshops:

// Screen-Printing (w/ Geoff)
Screen printing is a cheap, easy and fun way to make T-shirts, patches and art prints from home, which you can sell to fuel your own DIY-art-capitalist enterprise. Learn how to make & burn your own screens at home and how to troubleshoot your printing. Beware, this workshop might get messy.
[ 1 PM ] @ Rudolf Rocker

// Intro to Electronics & Soldering (w/ Graham)
Did you know that electricity behaves a little like water and almost all electronic parts can be compared with a water equivalent? Learn some basic concepts about the electronic circuits that are everywhere, then learn how to use a soldering iron.
[ 1 PM ] @ Canadian Dimension Office

// An Open Discussion on Consent (w/ Celeste)
This workshop will be an open dialogue about consent in romantic or sexual situations; we’ll talk about real experiences, ideals, problems, hypothetical situations, consent at its best and consent gone wrong, and whatever else comes up and seems relevant. The facilitator hopes to someday write a sexy choose-your-own-adventure-book that will be both erotic fiction and an educational tool about the consequences of good and bad consent, and she hopes that this workshop will help her broaden the range of experiences and situations that could be included in that book.
[ 1 PM ] @ Emma Goldman Center

// Indians Wear Red: Colonialism, Resistance and Aboriginal Street Gangs (w/ Elizabeth Comack, Lawrie Deane, Larry Morrissette & Jim Silver)

With the advent of Aboriginal street gangs, such as Indian Posse, Manitoba Warriors, and Native Syndicate, Winnipeg garnered a reputation as “gang capital of Canada.” Yet beyond the stereotypes, little is known about these gangs and the conditions that have produced them. Drawing upon extensive interviews with Aboriginal street gang members, as well as with Aboriginal women and elders, “Indians Wear Red” locates Aboriginal street gangs as a form of resistance to colonialism. The four authors will be present to discuss their book, as well as engage with the audience on strategies of decolonization.
[ 3 PM ] @ Rudolf Rocker

// Guitar Tech & Intonation (w/ Garrett)
Learn how to adjust, repair and fine-tune your acoustic or electric guitar or bass from headstock to tailpiece so it will look, sound, feel and play the way you want. Information pamphlets will be provided to take home, so there is no need to bring your own guitars or tools.
[ 3 PM ] @ Canadian Dimension Office

// Alternative Travel (w/ Quincy & Geoff)
Traveling is most enriching when you get to exchange generosity with strangers and discover new ways of living in transit not (yet) stifled by travel companies. Learn how and why to use hitchhiking, sailboat crewing, bike-touring, CouchSurfing/BeWelcome/NomadBase, WWOOFing, and how to find freely available food, shelter and friendship around the world
[ 3 PM ] @ Emma Goldman Center

// BIY: An Introduction to Home Brewing (w/ Rae & Nolan)
Don’t give the corporations and gov’t your $$. Making alcohol is fun and as easy as you want it to be. Join us in a skill share where we’ll talk about our experiences with home brew.
[ 3 PM ] @ NaturalCycle

[ 6 PM ]
: Red November / Black November: Supper & Discussion w/ IWW Winnipeg @ Katherine Friesen Centre (940 Notre Dame)
// Doors at [ 5:30 PM ] // $7-$10 sliding scale



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