Our Bookfair and DIY Fest events are organized with the ideals of anarchism in mind, (ie. by cooperation and consensus instead of through hierarchical structures), by a small rotating cast of Winnipeg-gers. Our goal is to create space for people to share anti-capitalist ideas and culture, and present viable and living alternatives through radical literature and free skill sharing given as mutual aid to any and all who partake. We welcome both encouragement and constructive criticism, but will not tolerate racism, classism, homophobia, sexism, police state bullshit, etc, etc, etc.

Ways that you can support our work include but are not limited to:
– Volunteer to help organizing or realize a future event
– Suggest distros, crafters, speakers, musicians, workshops & other elements you’d like to see (and contact info if possible)
– Apply as any of the above features
– All the encouragement you can muster — we need it!
– Freewill donations at our events

Email: wpgbookfairdiyfest@resist.ca


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