diyfest workshops – last minute changes still coming in


Saturday:   Noon – 7pm
*2pm – Arts n’ crafts with Maru
*5:30  – Storytime/acting with Sara
Sunday:   Noon – 4pm
*12:30pm  – Waldorf Education workshop with Monika (First part is child-friendly)
*1pm – 3pm – Kids zine making with Dice


SATURDAY Oct 25th workshops in the Bulman Centre:

12:30pm –  CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO EASINESS with Nancy Hall of Hollow Reed Holistic  –  In this workshop we’ll consider the basic biochemistry of cleaning, products of the corporate chemical empire and the cure to nature deficit disorder. Using aromatherapy and a practice I call “choretherapy” participants will be guided to finding a new  understanding of Cleanliness. This workshop is pre-recorded.

2:00pm –  DE-CONSTRUCTING MASCULINITY with Graham  –   What does it mean to have a masculine identity? As the privileged and largely invisible gender, masculinity too often goes unexamined. This guided discussion, intended for those who identify in some way with  masculinity, will be an opportunity to examine how we personally and culturally define and navigate gender.


5:00pm –  LEARN TO CROCHET WITH RAE with Rae!  –  Have yarn? Grandma’s (or grandpa’s) crochet hooks? Want to know how to combine them to DIY something fabulous? Bring ’em with you to this workshop along with your creativity and patience! We’ll definitely cover some basic stitches and maybe some advanced ones or reading patterns depending on the interest of those who come out. No knitting, although I’ll probably go over the difference between the two. Limited supplies available. All skill levels welcome.
SUNDAY Oct 26th

Noon until 1 or 2pm: GIANT FOOD SWAP – BRING YOUR SURPLUS PRESERVES OR GARDEN PRODUCE no meat or dairy please but clean and labeled products you are willing to give away and/or trade – in the Bulman near the Food Bank office

Workshops in the Bulman Centre:

12:30pm –   THE WHOLE CHILD EDUCATION CENTRE with Monika  –  Experience together with your child rhythmic movement and puppet story with hand felted puppets, and crafting with beeswax. Then I’ll introduce to the adults more details about Waldorf Education while the kids are welcome to play in the children area of the Bookfair. Age  appropriate learning, learning through play, what fosters the child ‘s development at a specific age, with living examples and discussion.

12:30pm –  SEWING FOR PUNKS: SEW, ALTER AND REPAIR with Kristin Andrews from Ragpickers   Start with the basics – how to sew a button, how to sew a patch, how to fix your jeans, how to tack your hat, how to pack a basic sewing kit for travel.  Buttons provided, also handouts on t-shirt altering, but bring your own patch. Good info for beginners, bring your project!

12:30pm –  WORKING IN THESE TIMES: AN INTRODUCTION TO REVOLUTIONARY SYNDICALISM with the IWW  –  We have to work for someone else. We are forced to sell our labour. We  must rent our bodies and minds to an employer so we can survive. Workers  are faced with a system out to crush them. But in our hands are powerful weapons to fight back: solidarity, direct action and workers self-organization in fighting unions. Join the Winnipeg branch of the Industrial Workers of the World for an introduction to capitalism and the principles and tactics of revolutionary syndicalism, followed by an open discussion.











2:00pm –  EXPOSING THE JEWISH NATIONAL FUND with Harold Shuster of Independent Jewish Voices  –  The Jewish National Fund, a registered charity in Canada, practices racial discrimination in the provision of land and housing, where it operates in Israel. Independent Jewish Voices, has joined the global campaign to have the JNF’s charitable status revoked. Find out what lies behind the environmental facade and help expose the JNF for the racist organization it truly is.

2:00pm –  THE FLAMING TROLLEYS OPEN JAM with Sara of the FT  –  Do you ever imagine yourself riding on the back of a flying turtle? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, this would probably be a good time for you to pick up that dusty ol’ flugelhorn sitting in the back of your mom’s closet. This is your chance to join your favorite come-unity orchestra, The Flaming Trolleys, in a magical radical parade. All bodies welcome.

3:30pm –    CAPOEIRA ANGOLA with Romeo  –  Capoeira Angola is an afro Brazilian art form that combines elements of dance, music, game and self defense developed by enslaved Africans brought to Brazil. Capoeira Angola can enhance your over all body strength, flexibility, agility, spatial and mental awareness all at the same time. This is a workshop to introduce beginners to the art. There will be physical movements, music and an exciting game to play, since Capoeira is a game itself. Bring loose comfortable clothes, a pair of running shoes, a bandana for your head and I will bring the ancient knowledge to you in return.

3:30pm –  ART VS CAPITALISM with Lasha Mowchun  –  Art is a labour that seems to resist capital, to fail at being translated into money. What does it mean that a Jackson Pollock painting is worth a $164 million while a painting of a similar nature is worthless? Capitalism has an incoherent method of appraising art, because art unlike money is difficult to quantify. Art is about experience, pleasure and contemplation, which are things that do not have a clear value. Artists must build identities outside of money, creating their own system of value and worth.

3:30pm –  WORMS MAKE THE BEST PETS with Rowan  –  Vermicomposting is an easy way to make compost in your own house or apartment. And, worms are super cool. We will cover how to make and care for the worm bin, harvest the castings, and some basic troubleshooting. If you want to make a bin to take home at the workshop, please contact rowan ahead of time (rowan dot moyes at gmail).


Welcome welcome welcome

Welcome to our weekend at the BulmanCentre,

in Riddell Hall,  at the University of Winnipeg.

001 And a huge thanks to the UWSA!

Here we are giving you the finger

on which entrance to use:

Arriving from Portage Ave?  walk north

on Spence about two thirds of the block.

For cyclists – plenty of free parking

between G (Graham Hall) and R (Riddell)!

Motorists may unload in the turnaround

area under the finger – and then go back to

Ellice and east to Colony and south

to park in the parkade above the AnX003

(old bus depot building)

Remember – you’re looking for 385 Spence St. After entering these doors take a hard left and go down 3 flights of stairs into the bowels of the Bulman – it’s a whole ‘nother world! Or – for the elevator – go up a short set of steps or take the ramp and you’ll find the elevator on your left.   Go Down.


This room will be filled with speakers,

vendors, and friendly faces – look how

it’s beckoning you to come and fill it!002

Please bring your own drinking vessel – water bottle or coffee cup or whatever  –

please reduce reuse recycle – we would like to keep the weekend waste free!


See you here Friday Oct 24, 7:30pm for the Cabaret!


anarchy! saints alive! we’re leaving the hive!

Good news and Bad News folks:  the good news is our bookfair/Canzine is growing and growing. We’re going to have more than 20 tablers showing off fresh zines, magazines, books, shirts, crafts, art, and loads of cool stuff.  the bad news is that we have outgrown the Hive, a cool space on the main floor of Lockhart Hall that we were pretty excited about. it looks like we’re moving down into the Bulman Centre of Riddell Hall, 2 levels below the street.  It’s not hell, and it is quite accessible via the Spence St. entrance. We’ll have lots of room for tables and workshops so, in the words of the immortal Main Street huckster “COME ON DOWN!”