Archive: Bookfair 2011

 When: September 23-25
 *Panel and Keynote - 91 Albert Street;
 *Exhibitors: the parking lot @ Albert and Bannatyne;
 *Workshops: various locations in the Exchange District. Meet at 
 the bookfair site (the parking lot above) to head to
 the workshops together.
 Friday, September 23
 7:00 pm @ Mondragon (91 Albert Street)
 Intergenerational Activism, a moderated panel featuring:
 Jim Silver, Himani Bannerji, Monica and Osani Sinclair, and Bo Smith
 Saturday, September 24
 7:00 p.m. @ Mondragon
 KEYNOTE - David McNally - GLOBAL CRISIS, GLOBAL RESISTANCE (political economist, activist, author of Another World is Possible, and Global Slump)
 Saturday, September 24 - after David McNally's keynote
 FUNDRAISING SHOW for the A-Zone Co-op @ The Regal Beagle (331 Smith Street)
 Featuring: Hugo Torres-Cereceda, Nathan, and the Rastamils!
 Tickets $10.00 at Mondragon
 Sunday, September 25 - brunch at the 'Dragon!
 10am-3pm $15/plate
 DIY WORKSHOPS and INFO SESSIONS - subject to change
 Saturday, September 24
 11 am
 Option 1: Building a Coldframe (a gardening how-to session presented
 by Urban Eatin')
 Option 2: Food Politics (join a discussion led a member of the
 Landless Farmers Collective)
 1 pm
 Option 1: Food Preserving 101
 Option 2: Know Your Rights (A workshop by Copwatch)
 3 pm
 Option 1: A discussion led by a member of The Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement
 Option 2: Bookmaking (a hands-on book binding workshop)
 Sunday, September 25
 12 pm
 Option 1: The emerging role of Social Enterprise in the Economy (a discussion led by a former
 general manager of Inner City Renovations.)
 Option 2: Radical Birth (presented by the Red Thread Collective)
 1 pm: Bike Repair (@ Natural Cycle)
 2 pm
 Option1: Screen Printing (a how-to demo)
 Option 2: Deconstructing Masculinity (workshop)
 EXHIBITOR TABLES - check out the latest in radical and progressive
 publishing and info!
 When: Saturday Sept 24 (11:00-5:00); Sunday Sept 25 (12:00-4:00)
 Where: parking lot @ Albert and Bannatyne
 Rain venue: the Folk Exchange (211 Bannatyne, near Albert)
 Mondragon Bookstore; Fernwood Publishing; Copwatch; Canadian Dimension; Herizons; Kustom Kulture; Loon Publishing; CCPA-MB; Manitoba Eco-Network; Ragpickers; New Socialist Group; Molly Mew Publications; Junto Library, the Green Action Centre, the Winnipeg-Haiti Solidarity Movement; GEEZ Magazine; War On Music
 Banned and challenged book readings: Saturday and Sunday alongside the exhibitors'
 For kids and familes:
 Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 3pm each day, come hang out near the
 exhibitors' tables for Radical Story Times along with a table full of
 great craft activities (DIY bookmarks, book-making, collaging and more during the exhibitor bring the whole family! Childcare will be available for the parents wanting to attend workshops. 
 Workshop descriptions

Food Politics: 11 am Saturday at Ace Art
 An explorative discussion about meat eating, not eating meat, eating
animal products, not eating animal products. What are the spaces in
between? What's the difference between eating rainforest GM soy and
Manitoba factory bacon and eggs? Who grew those carrots anyway? What's a
veggie farm without a bit of poo? Is the whole idea of farming just about
domination? Let's visit together and chat meat and food and land and

Food Preserving 101: 1 pm at Arts Junktion 
Learn some food preservation techniques so you can chow down on your favourite summer foods all year long!  Camille will bring a miscellany of canning tools to the workshop to demonstrate how to use them. There will also be a kimchi making demo!  

Radical Birth Workshop: Noon Sunday at Arts Junktion
What is radical birth? Why is birth important for everyone (not just
birthing people or m/others)? Join us for a discussion about the broad
implications of birth practices and customs and how it impacts us on a
cultural level. 

Screenprinting: 2 pm Sunday at Arts Junktion 
The fine art of screen printing using junk scavenged from the back lane is
a tradition passed down through generations of punks and other
ne'er-do-wells.  Geoff has been a practitioner of said art for 7 years and
has sort of figured out what works and what doesn't.  Drop in for some
hands on practice on how to build & burn screens and use them to print
patches/shirts/posters in service of the coming insurrection.  Or

Banned and Challenged Book Readings

Books are removed from the shelves in libraries, schools and
bookstores every day. Banned Books Week, which has been observed
annually during the last week of September since 1982, reminding us
not to take for granted our precious freedom to read. At the 2011
Radical Book Fair, surrounded by subversive zines and alternative
publishers, join us and read aloud from a few pages of a banned or
challenged book. F#@K censorship and let's celebrate our freedom to

Here is a list of books you can read from at the Book Fair:
- The Handmaids Tale - Margaret Atwood
- Catcher in The Rye, by J.D. Salinger
- Steal This Book, by Abbie Hoffman
- Animal Farm, by George Orwell
- Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K Rowling
- The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
- Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck
- The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck
- Lady Chatterley's Lover, by D.H Lawrence
- Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
- Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert
- Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member, by Sanyika Shakur
- Forever, by Judy Blume
- The Little Black Book for Girlz: A Book on Healthy Sexuality, St.
Stephen's Community House
-  Asha’s Mums, by Rosamund Elwin
-  Black Looks: Race and Representation, by bell hooks
- Howl, by Allen Ginsberg
- Candide, by Voltaire

David McNally- Keynote

David McNally will be speaking at the bookfair.  His keynote speech will be at the Mondragon at 7 pm on Saturday.

His website is

He will also be speaking at the U of M on Friday:
David McNally - "The Mutating Crisis of Global Capitalism" at 1:30 in 301 Tier Building on Friday September 23, co-sponsored by Sociology and Global Political Economy. GPE  is making a poster to send around U of M.

A brief bio from the York University website: Globalization and global justice movements; concepts of freedom and democracy in political thought; radical theories of language and culture; Marxism, feminism and anti-racism; radical political economy." He is author of Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism ; and Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance; among several other books.

Saturday Show- Hugo Torres-Cereceda, Nathan, and the Rastamils

Hugo Torres-Cereceda,  Nathan, and the Rastamils are all playing at the Regal Beagle on Saturday night!  $10.  Start time after the keynote.

This is a fundraiser for the A-Zone.  Tickets are available at the Mondragon, at the door, or from your friendly bookfair organizers.


Mondragon Bookstore; Fernwood Publishing; Copwatch; Canadian Dimension; Herizons; Kustom Kulture; Loon Publishing; CCPA-MB; Manitoba Eco-Network; Ragpickers; New Socialist Group; Molly Mew Publications; Junto Library, the Green Action Centre, the Winnipeg-Haiti Solidarity Movement; GEEZ Magazine; War On Music; CanPalNet; IWW; TaylorMade Pottery; LexComix

Bookfair: Fun for Kids and Families! 

Activities will include:
    •    Afternoon radical storytime sessions
    •    Make your own book to take home!
    •    Personalized bookmark craft
    •    Radical colouring sheets
Childcare will be available so that grownups can attend workshops while their kids do more exciting things.


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