Welcome welcome welcome

Welcome to our weekend at the BulmanCentre,

in Riddell Hall,  at the University of Winnipeg.

001 And a huge thanks to the UWSA!

Here we are giving you the finger

on which entrance to use:

Arriving from Portage Ave?  walk north

on Spence about two thirds of the block.

For cyclists – plenty of free parking

between G (Graham Hall) and R (Riddell)!

Motorists may unload in the turnaround

area under the finger – and then go back to

Ellice and east to Colony and south

to park in the parkade above the AnX003

(old bus depot building)

Remember – you’re looking for 385 Spence St. After entering these doors take a hard left and go down 3 flights of stairs into the bowels of the Bulman – it’s a whole ‘nother world! Or – for the elevator – go up a short set of steps or take the ramp and you’ll find the elevator on your left.   Go Down.


This room will be filled with speakers,

vendors, and friendly faces – look how

it’s beckoning you to come and fill it!002

Please bring your own drinking vessel – water bottle or coffee cup or whatever  –

please reduce reuse recycle – we would like to keep the weekend waste free!


See you here Friday Oct 24, 7:30pm for the Cabaret!




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