Watch it come together here!

Our big Anarchist Bookfair Canzine Diyfest weekend will kick off with a 7:30 pm Friday cabaret, in the U of W’s Bulman Centre. Guest MC and NCI Broadcaster Dave McLeod will introduce authors and performers including local Anishinabe poet Marie Annharte Baker, folks from the Idle No More movement, and Halifax poet El Jones. On Saturday (Oct 25) the Bookfair and Canzine exhibition area will be open in The Hive at noon and continue until 7pm. During those hours Broken Pencil Magazine will host a panel discussion on zines versus the internet at 1pm, author readings at 3pm, and a 1-2 Punch Book Pitch at 5pm with a panel of judges willing to hear your big book idea. We’ll also have D.I.Y. fest workshops going on that afternoon and we’ll be posting the schedule here in early October. Saturday evening at 7:30 we’ll have our Cabaret Part 2 with guest MC Süss introducing authors and performers including local writer Casey Plett, “Bannock activist” Althea Guiboche, and visiting poet Neal Hall. On Sunday Oct. 26 our Bookfair continues with the tables area open from noon to 4pm and more workshops at 1pm and 3pm of political discussion and D.I.Y. skills, for example:  Evan Bowness of the South Osborne Sustainability Co-op will be telling us about Community Gardening.DSCN3455






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