Anarchism is inclusive – and welcoming!


Our annual Anarchist Bookfair welcomes all the best people and groups!

Look how happy this fellow was to table the IWW merch

(photo from Sept 2012)

Anarcho-Syndicalists, Environmentalists, Socialists, Special interest groups involved in anti-capitalism, anti-homophobia, anti-racism etc – you’re all welcome to table with us! If you want to come for just Sunday Oct 26, noon to 4pm, it’s $10 per table payable directly to the Bookfair that day (please let us know you wish to reserve a table at )   and if you would like to come for both days – Saturday Oct 25 noon to 7pm as well – it will be a total of $17.50 payable to Broken Pencil magazine, the sponsors of Canzine Central.

Have an idea for a workshop for Sunday? Let us know!



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