This Year’s Guest Speaker: Norman Nawrocki

In addition to speaking and performing in Winnipeg as part of his new book launch/tour, Norman Nawrocki will also be the guest speaker at this year’s DIY Fest and Bookfair! See the Winnipeg event description and press release below for more info.

REDNlaunch1 copyNORMAN NAWROCKI: Book & Album Launch
Cazzarola!: Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy’
Nov. 8: Concert/workshop with touring guest, TBA
( to book)
Nov. 9:
7:00pm – Roundtable on Roma, immigrant/migrant worker rights @ the Mondragon
7:30pm – Solo theater piece @ Rudolph Rocker Center (above Mondragon)
8:00pm – Solo music performance (based on new album, inspired by the book)

Acclaimed Montreal author/musician/actor Norman Nawrocki will tour Canada, October 24th to November 25th, 2013 with CAZZAROLA! Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy – the title of both his newest book and album.
The novel – CAZZAROLA! Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy (PM Press, Oakland, California,2013) – is a 300 page historical/romantic/political work spanning 130 years in the life of a family of Italian anarchists. They engage in heroic resistance to fascism in Italy, including the recent wave of contemporary neofascism sweeping Europe.
CAZZAROLA! is also a love story about an Italian boy who falls for a Roma refugee girl. Theirs becomes a forbidden relationship impacted by cultural taboos and the ongoing persecution of Romani refugees.
The album – CAZZAROLA! Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy (Les Pages Noires, Montreal,Canada, 2013) – is a 12 song CD of original and traditional Italian music based on and inspired by the novel, recorded by Nawrocki and various collaborators in Italy and Montreal.
On stage, Nawrocki will dramatize excerpts from CAZZAROLA! by playing five characters from the book, then perform selections from the album on looped/sampled violin. Where possible, the event will also include a round-table discussion with local representatives from Roma and immigrant/ refugee/migrant worker communities.The novel, theatre piece and album resulted from Nawrocki’s previous book and music tours of Italy.
A long-time figure on Canada’s underground music, cabaret and literary scene, Nawrocki has an international reputation as a solo stage artist and with his bands. The Globe & Mail says he’s “a born showman who never lets his audiences pass a dull evening … his shows don’t disappoint.” While The Toronto Star says, “There’s no stopping Nawrocki! And who’d want to?’’Nawrocki’s last book was RED: Quebec student strike and social revolt poems (Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2013). His last album: LETTERS FROM POLAND/LETTRES DE POLOGNE (Les Pages Noires, Montréal, 2006).Advance praise for CAZZAROLA! the novel:

In Romani culture, when enjoying music we don’t say, ‘Did you hear that?’ We say, ‘Did you feel that?’ I didn’t just read CAZZAROLA! I felt it. As a Romani woman who has lived in Italy, this very relatable novel often echoed the pages of my own life. Bravo, Ta Aves Baxtalo!”  —Julia Lovell, Romani activist and filmmaker

CAZZAROLA! is a powerful, blunt, epic scream against social injustice.” —David Lester, author of The Listener

A stunning achievement!”—Ron Sakolsky, author of Swift Winds

CAZZAROLA! Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy (PM Press, Oakland, California), 300 page paperback, $18.  Publication Date: September 1, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-60486-315-4

North American distribution: Independent Publishers Group (312) 337-0747
UK & Europe: Turnaround
Rest of the world: PM Press.

CAZZAROLA! the album (Les Pages Noires, Montreal), to be released on-line, October 1, 2013 and available for sale on tour. For more information, advance reading copy, photos or interview requests:


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